Electronic Publications
Updated 6 March 2017
Discount Factors

● Adobe Flash based (Xcelsius 2008)
● Six fundamental discount factors.
● Dynamic charts with values to 6 decimal places.
Cost in Use/Annual Equivalent Calculator

● Adobe Flash based (Xcelsius 2008)
● Annual Equivalent & Net Present Value with real escalation option for annual costs.
● Variable cycle durations.
● Table & chart with print panel.
● Save and compare scenarios within session.

Download EXE file with inbuilt Flash player here  (Download, do not play)
New Zealand Building Consents

● Adobe Flash based (Xcelius 2008)
● Dynamic maps
New Zealand 1951-2006 Population Pyramid

● Adobe Flash based (Xcelsius 2008)
● Dynamic population pyramid. (Note that NZ Statistics has combined late life cohorts)
In Search of Steady State Revisited Web Publication

On 9 April 2019 I transferred all completed sections in PDF format into a new Web publication project with a provisional structure of all sections. Entering a keyword results in a list of all sections containing that keyword and the number of times it occurs in each section. Selecting and clicking on a section brings up that section with each keyword highlighted in yellow. In due course I will add keywords of my choice to the Index engine. A web publication enables web-like linking from topic to topic unlike the linear format of a book. Videos can also be inserted into the publication. The Web publication is also Web Responsive just like this replacement website and can be viewed using a mobile.