Recommended Books
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'Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels'  by Richard Heinberg, 2015 - link here

'Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-Environmental Rhetoric Threatens Our Future' by Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich, 1998 - link here

'Bottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse' by William Catton Jr., 2009 - link here

'Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity' by William Ophuls, 1977 - link here

'Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity Revisited: The Unraveling of the American Dream' by William Ophuls, 1992 - link here

‘Energy and Resource Quality: The Ecology of the Economic Process‘ by Charles Hall, Cutler Cleveland, and Robert Kaufmann,  1986 - link here

'Energy & Society (Revised 2010): The Relation Between Energy, Social Change, and Economic Development' by Fred Cottrell, 1955 - link here

'Energy and Structure: A Theory of Social Power' by Richard Newbold Adams, 1975 - link here

'Energy in Nature and Society: General Energetics of Complex Systems' by Vaclav Smil, 2008 - link here

'How Many People Can the Earth Support?' by Joel E. Cohen, 1996 - link here

'How to Think Seriously About the Planet: The Case For an Environmental Conservatism' by Roger Scruton, 2012 - link here
'Human Ecology: Basic Concepts for Sustainable Development' by Gerald Marten, 2001 - link here

'Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail' by William Ophuls, 2012 - link here

'Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction' by Terry Tamminen, 2008 - link here

‘Man, Energy, Society’ by Earl Cook, 1976 - link here

'Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change' by William Catton Jr., 1982 - link here

'Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet' by Tim Jackson, 2009 - link here

'Searching for a Miracle: Net Energy Limits & the Fate of Industrial Society' by Richard Heinberg 2009 - Download link here
‘State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?’ by World Watch, 2013 - link here

'Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity' by James Hansen, 2009 - link here

'Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution' by Brian Czech, 2013 - link here

'The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment' by Chris Martenson, 2011 - link here

'The Depletion Wall: Non-Renewable Resources, Population Growth, and the Economics of Poverty' by Mark Henderson, 2012 - link here:

The Logic of Sufficiency' by Thomas Princen, 2005 - link here

‘The Long Descent: A User’s Guide to the End of the Industrial Age’ by John Greer, 2008 - link here

'The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Coillapse' by Richard Heinberg, 2006 - link here

‘The Principles of Sustainability’ by Simon Dresner, 2nd edition 2008 (excellent summary) - link here

'The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization’ by  by Homer-Dixon, 2006 - link here

Why Are We Waiting?: The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change (Lionel Robbins Lectures)' by Nicholas Stern, 2015 - link here

'Energy in Nature and Society: General Energetics of Complex Systems' by Vaclav Smil, 2008 - link here

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