Updated 10 April 2024
The Principles of Discounting & Life Cycle Costing

● Freeware e-book download.
● Automatic installation on hard drive software.
Download first and then run.
● Developed using Macromedia Authorware 7.02.
● Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7,8, and 10 tested & compatible.
● Contents include interactive discounting calculators and dynamic cash flow diagrams.
● Features include audio narration with volume control, concertina Contents Menu, Navigation by page and chapter, Bookmarks, Find, Help with Glossary, Interactive Quizzes at the end of each chapter, printing out results of quizzes, and administrator database of users and user results.
● Download here    View or download demo video of tutorial here
International Conference Presentation

● Developed using Camtasia Studio 8.
● A 720p HD video version can be downloaded from the YouTube link here
The Climate Reality Project

● Developed using Articulate Storyline.
● Slides, animation, and script provided by www.climaterealityproject.org
● Modified script, narration and production by Ivan M. Johnstone.
● A 720p HD video version can be downloaded from the YouTube link here
Adobe discontinued support of Adobe Flash on 12 January 2021 and now blocks use of the Adobe Flash Player. I have therefore deleted all Internet based projects which rely on Flash Player. I am able to re-develop these projects to HTML5 format, but doing so is not a priority given my current commitments.
Sustainability Quiz

● Developed using Articulate Storyline 3.
● Development test for use in sustainability e-learning courses
Thriving Within Planetary Boundaries: Net Zero Emissions by 2030 Video
● Developed using Camtasia 2021.
● Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 used for storyline of graphics and script
● Download 1080p version of video (272 MB) here