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7Vortex: Connection of interdisciplinary knowledge, visualising its relationships and understanding the value that every network agent can bring to an ecosystem - Link here

A Good Life For All Within Planetary Boundaries - Link here

Carbon Footprint Calculator for Individuals and Households - Link here

C-Learn Simulator - Link here        C-Learn climate simulation introduction video - Vimeo link here         

C-ROADS climate change policy simulator - Download here

EcoTransIT - Calculation of energy consumption and emission data of a worldwide transport chain - Link here

En-ROADS  energy policy and investment simulator - Link here

Environment & Society Portal Timeline - Link here

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator - Link here

European Environment Agency Interactive Maps - Link here

Food Energy Flows Exploratorium Sankey Data Visualization - Energy balance of food systems of all countries 1961-2001 - Link here

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Simulator - Link here

Global Sustainable Energy - Link here

How has my country voted at the UN? onm Aljazeera website - Link here
Map My Emissions: Compare the greenhouse gas emissions associated with various modes of transport so you can make more informed decisions - Link here
Nature - Economy: The MINE website explores the interplay between nature and economy - link here
Policy Solutions powered by Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC - Link here

Population Pyramid - Link here The Material Flow Analysis Portal - Link here

Our World In Data - Link here

Population Pyramid - Link here

Resource Watch: Monitoring the Planet's Pulse - Link here

Saving The Nile - Link here

Sustainable development goals: changing the world in 17 steps on the Guardian website - Link here

Sustainable Energy Transitions at Country Level (beta testing) - Link here

The Global Calculator - Link here       Using the Calculator - Link here

Water Information Network System (IHP-WINS) developed by UNESCO - Link here

Welcome to the Anthropocene  - Link here

Wolfram Alpha Computational Intelligence - Link here

World Life Expectancy - Link here

World Mapper - Link here

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