Key publications include only international journal publications authored by world leading researchers, books by world leading authors in their respective fields, and reliable sources of data.

Some publications are listed under more than one topic heading or sub-heading.

The structure of the listing of key publications closely parallels the provisional structure of the book In Search of Steady State Revisited that I am currently writing. Topic headings and sub-headings correspond to my chapters and sections within chapters.

Topic headings which list key publications or have sub-headings which list key publications have an open-book icon, otherwise a closed-book icon.

Topic sub-headings which list key publications have text-on-a-page icon, otherwise a question mark "?" icon.

This HelpNDoc publication has a powerful search engine. Entering a single keyword results in a list of all key publications containing that keyword and the number of times it occurs within each topic heading or sub-heading. Selecting and clicking on a topic heading or sub-heading brings up that topic heading or sub-heading with each keyword highlighted in yellow.

This HelpNDoc publication also has a keyword index engine using multiple words. It will take me some time to add multiple keywords.  

It will also take me some time to list key publications, especially journal publications, under each heading and sub-heading

All key publications are listed in the Combined List of Key Publications


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